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Can you pressure wash wood?

Yes, you can pressure wash wood. There is a common myth that you can't, however, if you use the right techniques you can clean wood without damaging it. This includes using some type of chemical and a high degree nozzle on your pressure washing. 

Can you pressure wash a house?
Yes and no. You can't pressure wash a house because it will peel the paint or damaging the siding/vinyl, however you can soft-wash a house. This includes using chemical and low pressure to make the house look brand new!
What chemicals do use?
Sodium Hypochlorite, which is bleach. We use pool shock, which has 10%-12% SH. It doesn't cause damage to plants if applied correctly and safely.
What is softwashing?

Soft-Washing is the process of using low pressure and chemical to clean a surface. This technique is most commonly used when cleaning the siding of a home. 

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